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Filipe Ferrao profile pic

Filipe Ferrão


33 years old



Reference in Business:

Richard Branson

Favourite book:

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho



“Whatever the mind can conceive it can achieve.”

Places where I’ve lived and loved

Esmoriz, Portugal

Krakow, Poland - ERASMUS

London, UK

Auckland, NZ

Places where I want to live




Fun Facts


As a Lifeguard...

I was part of a simulation and  had the chance to be rescued off the water by a helicopter – a big check on the list

Filipe ferrao rescued by helicopter in the seajpg

As a volunteer firefighter...

I have once supported and assisted a child-birth in an ambulance. This one wasn’t on my bucket list…

3 firefighters in ambulance
Filipe Ferrão - Bodyboarding
Filipe Ferrão - Snowboarding
Filipe Ferrão - Surfing with Friends
Filipe Ferrão - London
Filipe Ferrão - ERASMUS Poland
Filipe Ferrão - Family and Dogs

The perfect playlist for:

Alarm:    Don’t worry, be happyBobby McFerrin 

Wake up:    Would I lie to you Charles & Eddie

Energetic mode:    Mr. November – The National

Sunset:    Bongo Bong – Manu Chao

Late glass of wine:    Comfortably Numb Pink Floyd

Why I haven’t  turned Vegetarian yet…

Why I don't turn Vegan: Bacalhau


Simply Bacalhau!

Why I don't turn Vegan: Francesinha


A typical dish from Northern Portugal.

Contact me

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+64 212 855 073