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Filipe Ferrao

Digital Marketing Specialist

Filipe Ferrão - Marketing Consultant

Digital Marketing Specialist

Hi, my name is Filipe. Welcome to my page!

I’m a Digital Marketer passionate about business strategy and marketing trends. Over the last 6 years I have been combining online, offline, paid and organic tools to increase marketing outcomes.

Marketing Areas

Marketing Analysis

– Analyse businesses profiles and understand their marketing needs

– Analyse Market opportunities, trends and key segments to reinforce businesse’s efficiency

– Provide key business strategies to increase and maximize profitability, as well as customer satisfaction and retention

Social Media

– Develop Social Media plans/reports to increase online brand awareness and sales

– Manage Social paid advertising to boost sales and build a strong online presence: Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn…

– Analyse current benchmark trends and audience interests aligning content with business goals

Content Management

– Create all kind of content (videos, banners, infographics…) for all online/offline platforms, improving brand communication and engagement

– Develop content plans aligning business goals with a consistent content strategy


– Google and Bing paid search ads

– Other paid advertising: YouTube, Gmail, Display Network…

– Website performance analysis and CRO

– Provide you with the basic SEO practices to improve your ranking on Google Search

Website Development

✓   Develop responsive/mobile friendly websites

✓   Improve website ranking on Google Search

Website Developer - BSWA

Graphic Design




Business Cards


Logo Design



Video Editing

✓ Corporate Videos

✓ Promotional Videos

✓ Social Media Animations

Contact me

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+64 212 855 073